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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Our company does it all. One of our main services we do is garage door repairs, from springs to openers - we are the best.

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Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Our company offers all garage door services. One that we do is a garage door replacement service.

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Glass Garage Doors

With our knowhow, your glass garage door will be installed, repaired and maintained perfectly

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Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

11/26/2013 Back To Blog

As electronic garage doors are the latest form of garage doors, most of the garage door service companies are the widest range of services to their customers so that they can get the entire range of garage door services from single place. On the website of every company, the services along with their details are provided so that the customers can carefully do comparison and select the most compatible package with their budget.

Security tips for preventing break-ins

Since the garage doors are installed in every home, it does not guarantee that there will be thefts or break-ins the homes and it is important for every resident to follow these security tips for avoiding any kind of break-ins in their homes:

1. The garage door remote should never be left in the vehicle because if the thief will break in the car and steal door’s remote entrance into the home becomes an easy task for the person.

2.  It is better to buy garage door remote opener especially keychain one so that the keys can be easily placed with them.

3. The garage door emergency release should be secured so that there are few chances of any break-ins in homes.

4. There should be a locking system in between the garage an home so that the house is locked separately from garage.

5. It is important the garage door is as secured as the front door of the home and it should be made either from reinforced steel or solid-core wood.

6. The garage door should be closed all the time so that nobody can gain easy entrance in the homes.

7. In between the home and garage, a wide-angled peephole should be installed so that anything can be easily seen through it.

8. The garage windows should be either covered or frosted so that the thieves cannot see inside the garages.

9. The garage door should be padlocked so that the latch can be thrown on the door.

10.  Lastly, the garage doors should be serviced on continuous basis so that adequate attention is given to their maintenance.

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